LED Tri Fidget Spinner – Super Bright LED’s




To turn the LED lights on, use the lights as switches to cycle through the various patterns. Hold these between your 2 fingers and “switch” them on.
The LED lights can slide out of the spinner quite easy, so don’t push too hard on them, otherwise, they may “pop out”
Please ensure the LED lights are secured before spinning.
Even through the LED Lights feel loose they will stay in the spinner.

Fidget Spinners are all the new rage and everyone wants one. These LED Tri Fidget Spinners are made from High-Quality ABS plastic, and an offer up to an amazing 1:30 spin time right out of the box, with a high-performance center bearing.

All 3 sides have Red & Blue LED’s. Gently tap the Spinner to get the LED’s to switch on. NB: The centre “pin” colours can vary from spinner to spinner and are randomly chosen when shipping.

NB: All bearings in our Fidget Spinners are brand new and will need to be broken in for optimal performance.

Please notify us immediately should your spinner have any issues out of the box to report any damages or defects. Fidget Spinners are fragile and can easily break if dropped on hard surfaces

Get in touch with us if you have any queries or would like to place an order

Additional information

LED Spinner Colour

Black, Blue


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